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Education Should Not Only Be for the Elite

I just turned down my daughter’s admission to my first choice preschool after a six-month long process to be admitted. Why? The cost. As a single parent who doesn’t have the backing of a wealthy family, the $30,000 annual tuition … Continue reading

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Infanticide—I don’t want to read about it anymore

  There have been several recent news stories about infant homicides, and while I know that “if it bleeds it leads” in newsrooms, I’ve decided that I’m done reading sensationalist news stories about tragedies involving children. It is unwelcome in … Continue reading

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The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

Vaccines for children have been the subject of a lot of debate ever since Disneyland became patient zero for a measles outbreak in January. There are parents on both sides of the vaccination issue, and spokespeople pushing agendas—both educated and … Continue reading

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From the Mouths of Babes

Last night, as Kaia and I ate dinner at her princess table, she asked me a loaded question: “Where’s Brandon’s mommy?” Brandon, my nephew, has been living with my parents for almost a year. They took him in after my … Continue reading

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Mommy Guilt

This morning, as I was leaving for work, Kaia asked me to stay home. She said, “You not go to work and see me?” When I said that I had to go, she responded “Me go to work too.” It … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Rod

As a parent, I’ve found that one of the most polarizing subjects regarding child rearing is spanking. So of course I had to share my two cents. I was raised by parents who followed the old biblical teaching of “spare … Continue reading

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In Solidarity

After several days of being inundated with stories about the situation in Ferguson, my one abiding thought has been that I’m so glad I have a daughter and not a son. Although I grew up in a “middle-class” household in … Continue reading

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Can a Leopard Change its Spots?

This week, I’ve been having conversations about change. I’ve always been taught that you can’t change anyone, you just have to accept your friends and loved ones for who they are. But what if you’re the one who needs to … Continue reading

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Silver and Gold

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.” Until you grow up, you don’t realize just how difficult this old Scout anthem is to put in practice. Relationships require work. All relationships—even (especially) friendships. … Continue reading

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Voyage à Trois

My Love Affair with American and Southwest Airlines I’ve always been an American Airlines girl. I got my feet wet in their frequent flier program (AAdvantage) and have been fairly faithful to the airline ever since. For years, I only … Continue reading

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